Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Flash Tip! - Getting Your Photos Right in Twitter

Hi there,

Social media sure has a bunch of different rules and standards. Throw in a few opinions and it really gets confusing.

But one thing is absolutely certain. If you're going to post photos on Twitter, formatting them at the right size can spell the difference between getting engagement, and getting ignored.

Twitter prefers images that are 1024x512.

It will accept other photos too. But there is a problem with using the wrong size.

Often part of your image will be obscured depending on how the image is automatically cropped (resized) by Twitter.

Using the wrong image size can have some less than pleasing results, like this:

The problem is that the quote is obscured from the vision of the reader. To expect people to click on your image to decide if they like it? That's a long shot.

Plus the "tweeter" didn't include anything in the text section either. In my view, a completely wasted effort.

Since you're spending time creating the image anyhow, why not format it to the proper size and get the desired effect?

Look at the difference below:

The image conveys its entire message with no user input. They have one decision: share or not?

Sizing your photo properly isn't a guarantee of sharing. But doing it wrong pretty much guarantees it won't be.

Stack the odds in your favor. When creating your Twitter images, use the 1024x512 size.

Good luck.

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